Direct Debit Funding Instrument Failed

The client receives this webhook when a funding instrument could not be successfully linked. The client can call the Add Funding Instrument API again to link their bank account. The client can get additional details about the reason for failure from the Get Funding Instrument Details API.




Request example

    "country": "US",
    "fundingInstrumentId": "a5c88bdb-8a85-478b-a1ed-15a53434636d",
    "routingValue": "",
    "fundingChannel": "DIRECT_DEBIT",
    "walletHashId": "0e552b64-da71-4888-be81-e8ab76a6f85e",
    "maskedAccountNumber": "${maskedAccountNumber}",
    "customerHashId": "8377480c-3169-4f86-ad7d-bc914d75b9a2",
    "createdAt": "2023-07-11 06:49:37",
    "statusDescription": "Awaiting_customer_verification | failed",
    "routingType": "",
    "currency": "USD",
    "clientHashId": "c3bcbcc0-07a9-4bdd-b8c8-de62c52bda83",
    "status": "FAILED",
    "updatedAt": "2023-07-11 06:50:43"

Request body

countryThe two-letter ISO 3166-1-alpha-2 country code where the bank account resides.String
fundingInstrumentIdThe unique 36-character alphanumeric identifier of a funding instrument. In the context of Direct Debit, it serves as a bank account identifier.String
routingValueThe unique identifier value that's used to identify financial institutions and their branches worldwide.String
fundingChannelThe funding channel refers to the mode of funding a wallet. When adding a new funding instrument, only Direct Debit is supported.String
walletHashIdThe unique 36-character wallet identifier that's generated and shared before the API handshake.String
maskedAccountNumberThe masked bank account number in the XXXXXXXXXXXX1111 format.String
customerHashIdThe unique 36-character customer identifier that's generated and shared before the API handshake.String
createdAtThe timestamp when the funding instrument is added.Date-time
statusDescriptionThe additional information of the status response.String
routingTypeThe routing type, for example, SWIFT Code, IFSC Code, ACH Code, BSB Code, SORT Code, Location ID, Bank Code, Transit Number, and Branch Code.String
currencyThe three-letter ISO-4217 currency code.String
clientHashIdThe unique client 36-character client identifier that's generated and shared before the API handshake.String
statusThe present status of the funding instrument. The statuses are
updatedAtThe timestamp when the funding instrument is last updated.Date-time
templateThe value for this field is DIRECT_DEBIT_FUNDING_INSTRUMENT_FAILED.String