Transaction response labels

The field labels in the response of the Transactions API is an object consisting of various key-value pairs depending upon the transaction type. We add new labels to this list as we support more use cases. The possible values are as follows:

– A –

accountNameThis field contains the account holder name for a refund.
accountNumberThis field contains the account number for a refund.

– B –

bankCodeThis field contains the bank code for a refund.
bankNameThis field contains the bank name for a refund.
beneficiaryCardTypeThis field contains the beneficiary card type for remittance transactions. The possible values are
  • VISA
  • geoswift
  • beneficiaryContactThis field contains the mobile number of the beneficiary.
    beneficiaryCountryThis field contains the 2-letter ISO-2 country code of the beneficiary.
    beneficiaryEmailIdThis field contains the email address of the beneficiary.
    beneficiaryIdThis field contains the unique beneficiary ID for remittance transactions.
    beneficiaryNameThis field contains the beneficiary's name for remittance transactions.

    – C –

    clientReferenceNumberThis field contains the internal transaction reference number of the client wherever sent.
    customerCommentsThis field contains the customer comments for the transaction.
    customFeeNameThis field contains any custom fee and accepts alphanumeric characters and spaces. The minimum length is 5 characters, and the maximum length is 30 characters.

    – D –

    declineCodeThis field contains the code for a declined transaction.
    declineTypeThis field contains the type of decline for a transaction.
    destinationCountryThis field contains the 2-letter ISO-2 country code of the destination country.
    disputeActionThis field contains the action taken on the disputed transaction.
    disputeActionAmountThis field contains the disputeAction amount of the disputed transaction.
    disputeActionCurrencyThis field contains the disputeAction currency of the disputed transaction.
    disputeAmountThis field contains the amount of the disputed transaction.
    disputeCurrencyThis field contains the currency of the disputed transaction.
    disputeDateThis field contains the date of the disputed transaction.
    disputeReasonThis field contains the reason for the disputed transaction.

    – E –

    ecbExchangeRateThis field contains the exchange rate quoted by the ECB.
    ecbMarkupRateThis field contains the difference between the transactionExchangeRate and the ecbCurrencyExchangeRate rates expressed in percentage where:

    ecbMarkupRate = (ecbCurrencyExchangeRate - transactionExchangeRate) / ecbCurrencyExchangeRate
    exchangeRateThis field contains the gross exchange rate applicable for a transaction.

    – F –

    feeNameThis field contains the name of the fee charged.
    feePeriodThis field contains the period for which the fee is charged in the MMM-YYYY format.

    – L –

    linkedMaskedCardNumberThis field contains the masked card number of the linked card.

    – M –

    markupRateThis field contains the applicable markup rate on a transaction.

    – N –

    narrativeThis field contains the comments entered while sending money to a virtual account number, if received from a partner bank.
    netExchangeRateThis field contains the net exchange rate applicable for a transaction after considering markup, if any.

    – O –

    originalAuthorizationCodeThis field contains the authorization code for the original transaction.

    – P –

    payoutMethodThis field contains the payout method requested.
    payoutWalletNameThis field contains the wallet name of the beneficiary where payout has been made.
    proxyNameThis field contains the name for proxy method. The possible values are:
  • PayNow
  • UPI
  • PIX
  • PayID
  • DuitNow
  • proxyTypeThis field contains the proxy type sent in the payment request.
    proxyValueThis field indicates the proxy value sent in the payment request

    – R –

    receiverCustomerHashIdThis field contains the unique customerHashId of the receiver.
    receiverFirstNameThis field contains the receiver's first name.
    receiverLastNameThis field contains the receiver's last name.

    – S –

    senderCustomerHashIdThis field contains the unique customerHashId of the sender.
    senderFirstNameThis field contains the sender's first name.
    senderLastNameThis field contains the sender's last name.
    sourceOfFundsThis field contains the source of funds as declared while initiating a remittance transaction.
    swiftFeeTypeThis field indicates the swift fee type applied in a remittance transaction.

    – T –

    transactionExchangeRateThe transaction exchange rate applied on the transaction.