Fetch Corporate Constants API

The Fetch Corporate Constants API returns acceptable values of various fields that need to be passed via the Onboard Corporate Customer API.

API usage

Some of the enumerated fields have values that change often as they're added or removed, such as intendedUseOfAccount or industrySector. Integrating this API helps you cater to these changes without the need for any further development on your end.

Keeping enumerated values up to date is beneficial to the customers as it improves the application approval rates and reduces the turnaround time for approvals.

You need to integrate this API as part of your onboarding process. You need to also display its output to your customers as a dropdown list while they complete your onboarding form. Use this API for all the fields listed below.

fieldName to category

Pass the fieldName as the category listed in the table below.

The following are the categories in Fetch Corporate Constants API.

Fetch Corporate Constants API categoryOnboard Corporate Customer API fieldName
countryNamebusinessDetails.addresses.businessAddress.country businessDetails.addresses.registeredAddress.country businessDetails.applicantDetails.address.country businessDetails.applicantDetails.documentDetails.documentIssuanceCountry businessDetails.applicantDetails.taxDetails.country businessDetails.businessPartner.addresses.registeredAddress.country businessDetails.businessPartner.legalDetails.registeredCountry businessDetails.documentDetails.documentIssuanceCountry businessDetails.legalDetails.registeredCountry businessDetails.partnershipDetails.partnerCountry businessDetails.stakeholders.stakeholderDetails.address.country businessDetails.stakeholders.stakeholderDetails.documentDetails.documentIssuanceCountry businessDetails.taxDetails.country
documentTypebusinessDetails.businessType businessDetails.stakeholders.stakeholderDetails.documentType businessDetails.applicantDetails.documentType
positionbusinessDetails.stakeholders.stakeholderDetails.position businessDetails.stakeholders.businessPartner.position businessDetails.applicantDetails.position

* Valid only for AU

* Required for the UK
statebusinessDetails.addresses.registeredAddress.state businessDetails.addresses.businessAddress.state businessDetails.stakeholders.stakeholderDetails.address.state businessDetails.addresses.applicantDetails.address.state

* Valid only for US and AU addresses.
streetTypebusinessDetails.stakeholders.stakeholderDetails.address.state businessDetails.addresses.applicantDetails.address.state

* Valid only for AU addresses.

* Not applicable for HK
rfiTemplatesThis can be used to find the templateId to template name mapping for RFI templates of different regions.


The API response contains an array of code-description pairs that are valid for the given field.

Response fieldUsage
codeThis object contains the valid values that need to be used in the Onboard Corporate Customer API for the given field.
descriptionThis object contains description of category code which can be shown to the applicant as a dropdown list.

Deprecated values

Some of the previously supported values in the following fields are deprecated to support a new risk model and will not be available from September 2, 2023. Update the acceptable values using Fetch Corporate Constants API. After updated, reach out to Nium Support for migration to the new risk model.


These values are found in riskAssessmentInfo > annualTurnover

Enum valueDescriptionRegulatory region
AU001Less than AUD 10,000AU __ __ __ __
AU002AUD 10,000 to AUD 25,000AU __ __ __ __
AU003AUD 25,000 to AUD 50,000AU __ __ __ __
AU004AUD 50,000 to AUD 100,000AU __ __ __ __
AU005AUD 100,000 to AUD 250,000AU __ __ __ __
AU006AUD 250,000 to AUD 500,000AU __ __ __ __
AU007AUD 500,000+AU __ __ __ __
Enum valueDescriptionRegulatory region
EU001Less than EUR 10,000__ EU __ __ __
EU002EUR 10,000 to EUR 25,000__ EU __ __ __
EU003EUR 25,000 to EUR 50,000__ EU __ __ __
EU004EUR 50,000 to EUR 100,000__ EU __ __ __
EU005EUR 100,000 to EUR 250,000__ EU __ __ __
EU006EUR 250,000 to EUR 500,000__ EU __ __ __
EU007EUR 500,000+__ EU __ __ __
Enum valueDescriptionRegulatory region
SG001Less than SGD 10,000__ __ SG __ __
SG002SGD 10,000 to SGD 25,000__ __ SG __ __
SG003SGD 25,000 to SGD 50,000__ __ SG __ __
SG004SGD 50,000 to SGD 100,000__ __ SG __ __
SG005SGD 100,000 to SGD 250,000__ __ SG __ __
SG006SGD 250,000 to SGD 500,000__ __ SG __ __
SG007SGD 500,000+__ __ SG __ __
Enum valueDescriptionRegulatory region
GB001Less than GBP 10,000__ __ __ UK __
GB002GBP 10,000 to GBP 25,000__ __ __ UK __
GB003GBP 25,000 to GBP 50,000__ __ __ UK __
GB004GBP 50,000 to GBP 100,000__ __ __ UK __
GB005GBP 100,000 to GBP 250,000__ __ __ UK __
GB006GBP 250,000 to GBP 500,000__ __ __ UK __
GB007GBP 500,000+__ __ __ UK __
Enum valueDescriptionRegulatory region
US001Less than USD 10,000__ __ __ __ US
US002USD 10,000 to USD 25,000__ __ __ __ US
US003USD 25,000 to USD 50,000__ __ __ __ US
US004USD 50,000 to USD 100,000__ __ __ __ US
US005USD 100,000 to USD 250,000__ __ __ __ US
US006USD 250,000 to USD 500,000__ __ __ __ US
US007USD 500,000+__ __ __ __ US


These values can be found in riskAssessmentInfo > industrySector

Enum ValueDescriptionRegulatory Region
IS057Accountancy firmAU EU SG UK US
IS001Aerospace, defenseAU EU SG UK US
IS002Agricultural services and productsAU EU SG UK US
IS003AgricultureAU EU SG UK US
IS004Banks, building societies, credit unionsAU EU SG UK US
IS005Beverage providers, suppliers of alcohol, spiritsAU EU SG UK US
IS006Beverage providers, suppliers of non-alcoholic drinks.AU EU SG UK US
IS007Charitable organizationAU EU SG UK US
IS008Chemicals sales, distributionAU EU SG UK US
IS009Chemical and related manufacturingAU EU SG UK US
IS010Computer softwareAU EU SG UK US
IS011ConstructionAU EU SG UK US
IS012ConsultancyAU EU SG UK US
IS013Designers, engineersAU EU SG UK US
IS014Doctors and other health care professionalsAU EU SG UK US
IS015Drug manufacturing, supplies, including legal cannabis, and marijuana tradeAU EU SG UK US
IS016Education providersAU EU SG UK US
IS017Entertainment industryAU EU SG UK US
IS018FarmingAU EU SG UK US
IS019Financial services provider, adviser, mortgage broker, loan consultant, debt recovery consultant, pension, etc.AU EU SG UK US
IS020Food suppliersAU EU SG UK US
IS021FreelancerAU EU SG UK US
IS022Gaming houses, casinosAU EU SG UK US
IS023Government organization for the public sectorAU EU SG UK US
IS024Health care servicesAU EU SG UK US
IS025High-value goods, jewelry, gold, commoditiesAU EU SG UK US
IS026Insurance providersAU EU SG UK US
IS027Legal services, lawyers, external counsels, etc.AU EU SG UK US
IS028Logistics firms, trucks, transportation, freightAU EU SG UK US
IS029Manufacturing, auto, clothing, electronics, food products, furnitureAU EU SG UK US
IS030Media, marketingAU EU SG UK US
IS031Migration agentAU EU SG UK US
IS032MiscellaneousAU EU SG UK US
IS033Money Service Business (MSB), remittance providersAU EU SG UK US
IS034Music industry, music production, suppliers, recordingAU EU SG UK US
IS035Nonprofit organizations, government-incentivized entitiesAU EU SG UK US
IS036Online gaming developers, providersAU EU SG UK US
IS037Online shopping providers, suppliersAU EU SG UK US
IS038Online suppliers of adult contentAU EU SG UK US
IS039Payment platform providersAU EU SG UK US
IS040Payrolls provider and payroll solution providersAU EU SG UK US
IS041Pharmaceutical, health products and suppliesAU EU SG UK US
IS042Power, energy providersAU EU SG UK US
IS043Real estate, property providersAU EU SG UK US
IS044Recreation, live entertainmentAU EU SG UK US
IS045Recruiting firms, suppliers, providersAU EU SG UK US
IS046Religious organizationsAU EU SG UK US
IS047Securities and investmentAU EU SG UK US
IS048Security firmsAU EU SG UK US
IS049Superannuation funds providersAU EU SG UK US
IS050Technology providersAU EU SG UK US
IS051Telecommunication providersAU EU SG UK US
IS052Tobacco suppliers, manufacturers, including e-cigarettes, vapors, etc.AU EU SG UK US
IS053Travel and tourism suppliers, providersAU EU SG UK US
IS054Trust funds providersAU EU SG UK US
IS055UndisclosedAU EU SG UK US
IS056Universities, collegesAU EU SG UK US


These values can be found in riskAssessmentInfo > intendedUseOfAccount

Enum ValueDescriptionRegulatory Region
IU001Receive payments for goods or services soldAU EU SG UK US
IU002Pay suppliers and vendorsAU EU SG UK US
IU003Pay contractors, payroll employeesAU EU SG UK US
IU004Pay rent, utilities, or taxesAU EU SG UK US
IU005Intracompany payments or transfersAU EU SG UK US
IU006Receive loan repaymentsAU EU SG UK US
IU007Pay mortgage, bank loan, insurance, or credit card paymentsAU EU SG UK US
IU008Pay employee travel and expensesAU EU SG UK US
IU009Receive or send funds to-and-from clientsAU EU SG UK US


These values are found in riskAssessmentInfo > totalEmployees

Enum ValueDescriptionRegulatory Region
EM001Less than or equal 5AU EU SG UK US
EM002Between 6 to 24AU EU SG UK US
EM003Between 25 to 49AU EU SG UK US
EM004Between 50 to 99AU EU SG UK US
EM005More than 100AU EU SG UK US