Client Transaction

This once-a-day static report contains details of all transactions done during the day belonging to a client and its customers.

It may be setup on request. A client administrator can login to the NIUM back-office and view or download the same. It can also be delivered over SFTP on request.

File naming convention: Client_Transaction_Report_<CLIENTHASHID>_<YYYYMMDD>.csv

For further details of the below fields, see Transactions.

startDate or endDateDate and time of transaction, formatted DD/MM/YYYY HH:mm:ss AM/PM.
settlementStatusSettlement status of the transaction. Valid values are UNSETTLED, SETTLED, RELEASED, WAIVED, DISPUTED, DISPUTE CLOSED.
statusTransaction status. Valid values are APPROVED, PENDING, DECLINED, REVERSAL, or BLOCKED.
transactionTypeSee documentation.
billingCurrencyCode3-letter ISO currency code for the base currency defined with the card scheme. This is only relevant for card transactions.
billingAmountTransaction amount in equivalent billing currency as received from scheme. This is only relevant for card transactions.
transactionCurrencyCode3-letter ISO currency code for the transaction amount.
cardTransactionAmountTransaction amount
authCurrencyCode3-letter ISO currency code for the authorized amount debited or credited.
authAmountAuthorization amount debited or credited.
effectiveAuthAmountAuthorization amount including fees, charges, etc.
billingConversionRateConversion rate from transaction to billing currency.
settlementDateSettlement date for transactions. This is only relevant for card.
Settlement Currency3-letter ISO currency code in which settlement is done.
settlementAmountSettled amount is only relevant for card transactions.
settlementBillingAmount or settlementTransactionAmountSettlement amount in equivalent billing currency as received from scheme. This is only relevant for card transactions.
Settlement Transaction AmountTransaction amount as received in the settlement. This is only relevant for Card transactions.
settlementAuthAmountSettlement amount in equivalent authorized currency. This is only relevant for card transactions.
previousBalanceBalance before the transaction.
PocketPocket in which transaction was debited.
clientHashIdUnique client identifier [36 characters UUID].
customerHashIdUnique customer identifier [36 characters UUID].
walletHashIdUnique wallet identifier [36 characters UUID].
cardHashIdUnique card identifier [36 characters UUID].
maskedCardNumberMasked card number in the format 1234-56XX-XXXX-9876.
merchantCategoryMerchant category, as grouped at Nium.
Merchant Category Code4-digit Merchant Category Code.
merchantNameName of the merchant.
merchantCityMerchant city or location.
merchantCountryCountry where merchant is situated.
merchantID15-digit Merchant Identifier.
debitByte field where 1 is a debit transaction and 0 is credit.
authCode6-digit authorization code for the transaction.
originalAuthorizationCodeUsed in case of reversals. Authorization code of the original transaction being reversed.
systemTraceAuditNumberUnique 6-digit transaction identifier generated by Nium.
retrievalReferenceNumber12-digit number used with other data elements as a key to identify and track a transaction.
posEntryMode2-digit mode of entry for the transaction being done at POS.
posEntryCapabilityCode1-digit code for the capability of the POS terminal at which the transaction takes place.
posConditionCode2-digit code for the condition under which the transaction takes place at the point of service.
terminalIDAlphanumeric merchant terminal identifier.
processingCode6-character scheme processing code.
Replacement Amount
billingReplacementAmount or transactionReplacementAmount
Corrected amount, in case of a partial reversal.
dateOfTransactionTimestamp of the original transaction, in case of reversal.
SystemTraceAuditNumberSystem trace audit number of the original transaction.
acquiringInstitutionCodeCode to identify the financial institution acting as the acquirer of the transaction.
Original Acquiring Institution CodeCode to identify the original financial institution acting as the acquirer of the original transaction. Used in case of reversal.
acquirerCountryCodeCountry code of the acquirer.
commentsSystem-generated comments.
merchantLatitudeMerchant latitude wherever tagged by the customer.
merchantLongitudeMerchant longitude wherever tagged by the customer.
merchantTaggedNameMerchant tagged name on map wherever tagged by the customer.
merchantZoomIndexZoom index on map wherever tagged by the customer.
businessTransactionA business transaction wherever tagged by the customer.
Receipt URLReceipt URL of the uploaded document.
receiptTypeReceipt type.
receiptFileNameReceipt file name.
labelsLabels capturing miscellaneous information of the transaction.
tagsClient-defined key-value pairs mapped to the transaction.