Scheduled Loads Management

How do I view and edit scheduled loads?
  1. Place your mouse pointer over the Cards menu.
    The Cards menu options are displayed.
  2. Click the Scheduled Loads menu option.
    The Scheduled Loads page is opened with a list of scheduled loads.
  3. Click the value in the Card Reference column for the row that represents the card for which you want to modify scheduled loads.
    The Card Details page is opened.
  4. Delete or add scheduled loads in the Scheduled Loads section as needed.
    See What are scheduled loads? for more information on scheduled loads.
  5. Click the Save Changes button.
What are scheduled loads?

A load _is an operation during which the system loads a virtual card using money from a _funding account. A scheduled load is a load that the system executes on an assigned day. The system executes all scheduled loads at midnight UTC (Coordinated Universal Time).

In practice, you create scheduled loads usually when you create a virtual card. It means you create a virtual card immediately but have it auto-loaded with funds in the future.

What is a clearance date?
  • Cards that you create will be automatically deleted on the clearance date. By doing so, any funds on cards will be automatically transferred to your funding account.
  • Single-spend virtual cards are automatically deleted as soon as they are used for a payment. Having an automated clearance date will ensure that any funds on forgotten/lost cards are transferred back to your funding account too
  • The maximum automated clearance date for single spend cards is usually 6 months.
    The system does not automatically delete multiple-spend virtual cards once the maximum clearance date period elapses
  • The maximum automated clearance date for multi-spend cards is usually after 12 months.