Card Loads

How do I load a single card?
  1. Place your mouse pointer over the Cards menu.
    The Cards menu options are displayed.
  2. If you noted down the Card Reference, Card Name, or Card Number:
    1. Place your mouse pointer over the Load Card menu option.
      More menu options are displayed.
    2. Click the Single menu option.
      The Load Card page is opened.
    3. Enter the selected identifier of the card to load in the respective field: By Card Reference, By Card Name, or By Card Number.
    4. Click the Search button.
  3. If you need to browse for the card:
    1. Click the Manage Cards menu option.
      The Manage Cards page is opened.
    2. Click the โ‹ฎ icon in the last column for the row that represents the card that you want to load.
      The action menu is opened.
    3. Click the Load Card menu option.
      This option is available only for cards that are Active (see the State column).
      The Load Card page is opened.
  4. In the Load From field, select the funding account from which to load funds.
  5. Enter the amount to load in the Amount field.
  6. Click the Load button.
    The entered Amount is loaded onto the card or an error is displayed if the load is unsuccessful.
What is a funding account?

Nium Payments uses the concept of either pre-funded or credit funding accounts to load money onto a virtual card. Whilst pre-funded funding accounts allow you to use only your own funds, credit funding accounts enable you to use your credit allocation, depending on your business account's configuration.

The funds of any funding account can be replenished via a funding source, such as a bank account.



The use of credit funds depend on the agreed terms and conditions. To get more information, contact your Nium support team.

What sources of funds can I use for cards?

Virtual cards created by Nium Payments can only be loaded with funds from a funding account (see What is a funding account?). To load any funds on a virtual card, you first need to deposit these funds to a funding account.