Remittance lifecycle

The diagram below outlines the entire journey of a Payout transaction, from its initiation to its completion. The Payout transaction is also commonly referred to as a remittance transaction. You can refer to the transaction status table for detailed descriptions of each status type within this lifecycle.

Payout transaction lifecycle

Payout transaction lifecycle

Remittance transaction status descriptions

AWAITING_FUNDSThe transaction is waiting for funding.
EXPIREDThe transaction is expired due to insufficient funds or the expiration of the FX rate.
SCHEDULEDThe transaction is scheduled and is going to be processed on the scheduled date.
CANCELLEDThe transaction is cancelled by the customer. For a Payout transaction, typically, this can only be done on scheduled payouts that are not yet initiated.
DECLINEDThe transaction is declined by the checker or due to monitoring rules.
APPROVEDThe transaction is approved for Payout by the authorized personnel.
INITIATEDThe transaction is initiated for processing.
COMPLIANCE_PROCESSINGThe transaction is undergoing compliance review.
ACTION_REQUIREDAfter the automated compliance review, further action is required by a compliance officer to manually review this transaction.
COMPLIANCE_RFI_REQUESTEDThe transaction has been flagged by compliance rules. Additional information has been requested for this transaction.
COMPLIANCE_RFI_RESPONDEDNium has received the response to the additional information requested per RFI
COMPLIANCE_REJECTEDThe transaction is rejected by compliance rules.
COMPLIANCE_COMPLETEDThe transaction has cleared compliance review and is ready for further processing.
PG_PROCESSINGThe payout transaction is ready for processing, and in this stage we are finding the optimal route to process the payment using the NIum partner bank network.
ERRORAn error occurred while processing the transaction. Depending on the type of error the transaction can be retried going back to the PG_PROCESSINGstatus.
SENT_TO_BANKThe payout instruction has been sent to Nium's partner bank. When the partner bank sends the payment out, the status changes to PAID.
PAIDMoney has been sent to the beneficiary bank from Nium's partner bank.
RETURNEDThe transaction has been returned by the receiving bank. This status typically applies to a payout transaction when the beneficiary bank returns it for a specific reason.

Testing remittance transaction statuses in sandbox

To simulate transaction status in sandbox, you can use the below table to replicate PG_PROCESSING, SENT TO BANK, PAID and RETURNED status scenarios.

Create a payout request following the below steps:

  1. Call Add Beneficiary V2 API to create a beneficiary with:
    • beneficiaryCountryCode as US
    • destinationCurrency as USD
  2. Call Transfer Money API to create a transaction with the beneficiary hash ID obtained in Step 1 and the parameters mentioned in the below table -



In the below listed simulation scenarios, transition of all status changes occur at one minute intervals.

ScenarioRouting CodeBeneficiary Account NumberDescription
PAID111000000000987654321The status transitions from PG_PROCESSING --> SENT_TO_BANK--> PAID.
RETURN111000000000897654321The status transitions from PG_PROCESSING --> SENT_TO_BANK --> RETURN
PAID to RETURN111000000000879654321The status transitions from PG_PROCESSING --> SENT_TO_BANK --> PAID --> RETURN
PAID111000000000987654322The status transitions from SENT_TO_BANK --> PAID