Learn how to manage transactions using Nium Portal.

When you sign up for a Nium account, you gain access to Nium Portal. Nium Portal is a no-code, user-friendly dashboard you can use to manage transactions, beneficiaries, customers, and anything else processed through Nium.

For details on how to sign up for a Nium account and generate your API keys, see Getting Started.

To log into Nium Portal:

  • Click Log In in the top right of any guide to login to Nium Portal.
  • Go to app.nium.com.


The first page you see after logging in is the Dashboard page. The Dashboard page provides an overview of the transactions processed by the customer. Use the dropdown menus to filter what transactions to display.

Customer Balances

The Customer Balances page provides an overview of the selected customers balances in the different wallets and currencies they use.

Click the customer's name at the top of the page to review another customer's balances.

Click Move Funds to convert funds in the customer's balances to a different currency.

Client Settings

Use the Client Settings page to configure which email domains can be invited into your Nium Portal dashboard.

  • For example, if you only want team members from your business to have access, only include your business's email domain.
  • You can also include other popular email domains (gmail.com, yahoo.com, aol.com, etc.) to ensure any users that need access won't have any issues getting invited

Managing Beneficiaries

Use the Beneficiaries page to manage the different beneficiaries that have been created for a customer.

Exporting Beneficiaries

Export the details of beneficiaries by checking the box next to their name and clicking Export selected as CSV.

The CSV files you can export include:

  • Payout template: Creates a CSV file you can easily use, with minimal changes, to create a batch of payouts. For more information, see Batch Payouts.
  • Complete template: Creates a CSV file that includes all of the details avialble for the selected beneficiaries.

Managing Users

Use the Users page to invite team members and grant them access to your Nium Portal.

For more information about the different permissions available for the different roles, see Roles and Permissions.

Batch Payouts

Use the Payouts page to individually or programmatically create payouts for yourself or on behalf of clients. For more information, see Batch Payouts .