Daily Client Card Transaction Authorization

This once-a-day static report contains all card authorization details for customers of the client.

It may be setup on request. A client administrator can login to the NIUM back-office and view or download the same. It can also be delivered over SFTP on request.

File naming convention: Client_Card_Transaction_Authorization_Report_{ClientHashId}_YYYYMMDD.csv

Date/Time of TransactionDate/Time of transaction, formatted as 24-hour DD/MM/YYYY HH:mm:ss.
Transaction TypeThis report contains all transactions done on a card, including fees and adjustments.
StatusTransaction status. Values included: APPROVED, PENDING, DECLINED, REVERSAL, and BLOCKED.
Settlement StatusSettlement status of the transaction. Values included: UNSETTLED, SETTLED, RELEASED, WAIVED, DISPUTED, and DISPUTE CLOSED.
Transaction Currency Code3-letter ISO currency code for the transaction amount.
Transaction AmountTransaction amount.
Billing Currency Code3-letter ISO currency code for the billing amount.
Billing AmountBilling amount.
Auth Currency Code3-letter ISO currency code for the authorization amount.
Auth AmountAuthorization amount.
Effective Auth AmountAuthorization amount after accounting for fees, etc.
Previous BalancePrevious balance prior to the transaction.
Settlement Date of TransactionDate/Time of settlement, and used only for transactions with SETTLED status (this field is empty for all other status types).
Settlement Currency Code3-letter ISO currency code for the settlement amount.
Settlement Transaction AmountTransaction amount at time of settlement. This field will have 0.0000 for unsettled transactions.
Settlement Billing AmountBilling amount at time of settlement. This field will have 0.0000 for unsettled transactions.
Settlement Auth AmountSettlement amount at time of settlement. This field will have 0.0000 for unsettled transactions.
Customer Hash IdUnique customer identifier [36 character UUID].
Wallet Hash IdUnique wallet identifier [36 character UUID].
Card Hash IdUnique card identifier [36 character UUID].
Mask Card NumberMasked card number, formatted as 1234-56xx-xxxx-9876.
Pocket NameName of the pocket. If no pocket is assigned, value is DEFAULT.
Merchant CategoryMerchant category as grouped by Nium, based on MCC.
Merchant Category Code4-digit Merchant Category Code.
Merchant IdMerchant Identifier assigned by the network.
Merchant NameName of the merchant.
Merchant CityMerchant city or location.
Merchant CountryCountry where merchant is situated.
Merchant LatitudeMerchant latitude.
Merchant LongitudeMerchant longitude.
Merchant Tagged NameMerchant tagged name.
Merchant Zoom IndexMerchant zoom index on map.
Business TransactionBoolean flag to signify a business transaction.
Authorization Code6-digit authorization code for the transaction.
System Trace Audit NumberUnique 6-digit transaction identifier generated by Nium.
Retrieval Reference Number12 digit number used with other data elements as a key to identify and track a transaction.
Processing Code6-digit processing code for the transaction.
Pos Entry Mode2-digit mode of entry for the transaction being done at POS.
Pos Entry Capability Code1-digit code that describes the capability of the POS terminal at which the transaction takes place.
Pos Condition Code2-digit code that describes the condition under which the transaction takes place at the point of service.
Original Authorization CodeUsed for reversals. Authorization code of the transaction being reversed.
Original Date of TransactionUsed for reversals. Original date and time of transactions.
Original System Trace Audit NumberUsed for reversals. System trace audit number (STAN) of the original transaction.
Acquiring Institution CodeAcquiring institution code.
Original Acquiring Institution CodeUsed for reversals. Original Acquiring institution code.
Acquiring Institution Country CodeAcquirer country code.
CommentsSystem generated comments.
LabelsLabels capturing miscellaneous information such as fee name, exchange rate, etc.