Daily Client Card Issuance

This once-a-day static report in csv format contains the details of cards issued [through Add Card flow] to customers of a client during a day.

It may be setup on request. A client administrator can login to the Nium back-office and view or download the same in CSV format. It can also be delivered over SFTP on request.

File naming convention: Client_Card_Issuance_Report_ {ClientHashId}_YYYYMMDD.csv

Date/Time of Card IssuanceDate/Time of card issuance, formatted as 24-hour DD/MM/YYYY HH:mm:ss.
Masked Card NumberMasked card number, formatted as 1234-56xx-xxxx-8765.
Card Hash IDUnique card identifier [36 character UUID].
StatusActivation status of the card.
Customer Hash IDUnique customer identifier [36 character UUID].
Wallet Hash IDUnique wallet identifier [36 character UUID].