Daily Client Assigned Cards

This once-a-day static report in csv format contains the details of bulk issued cards assigned to customers of a client during a day.

It may be setup on request. A client administrator can login to the NIUM back-office and view or download the same in CSV format. It can also be delivered over SFTP on request.

For SFTP setup at NIUM, clients need to provide public PGP key for encryption and static IP for whitelisting.

File naming convention: Client_Cards_Assigned_Report_{ClientHashId}_YYYMMDD.csv

Date/Time of Card AssignmentDate/Time of transaction, formatted as DD/MM/YYYY HH:mm:ss.
Masked Card NumberMasked card number, formatted as 1234-56xx-xxxx-8765.
Card Hash IDUnique card identifier [36 character UUID].
StatusStatus of the card. Values included are INACTIVE, ACTIVE, TEMP_BLOCK and P_BLOCK.
Customer Hash IDUnique Customer Identifier [36 character UUID].
Wallet Hash IDUnique Wallet Identifier [36 character UUID].