Daily Client Account Fees

This once-a-day static report contains a summary of any fee applied to any customer, both transaction fees and non-transaction fees, during the previous day.

It may be setup on request. A client administrator can login to the NIUM back-office and view or download the same. It can also be delivered over SFTP on request.

File naming convention: Client_Account_Fees_Report_{ClientHashId}_YYYYMMDD.csv

Date/Time of Fee DebitDate/Time of Transaction, formatted as DD/MM/YYYY HH:mm:ss.
CustomerHashIdUnique Customer Identifier [36 character UUID].
WalletHashIdUnique Wallet Identifier [36 character UUID].
Authorization CodeSystem-generated authorization code for the fee.
Transaction TypeValues included: Fee_Debit, Fee_Waiver, and Fee_Reversal.
Fee NameName of the fee.
Transaction StatusStatus of the fee transaction. Values included: APPROVED, DECLINED, PENDING, and REVERSAL.
Trxn CCY3-letter ISO currency code for transaction currency.
Trn AmtAmount in transaction currency.
Auth Currency3-letter ISO currency code for authenticated currency.
Auth AmountAmount in authenticated currency.
Billing Currency3-letter ISO currency code for billing currency.
Billing AmountAmount in billing currency.
CommentsAuto-generated system comments for the fee charged.