Remit Transaction Sent to Bank

This event is triggered when a payout is sent to a partner bank.




Request example

curl --location --request POST 'https://<customerHost:Port>/webhook' \
-H 'content-type: application/json' \
-H 'x-request-id: 123e4567-e89b-12d3-a456-426655440000' \
-d '{
        "clientHashId": "0498f10f-1968-494f-9f7a-454ed23942a0",
        "customerHashId": "0de1e512-e0d7-4eca-ad41-dd39325facc2",
        "walletHashId": "e83cca77-8b63-4a25-b580-1d872380ef29",
        "transactionCurrency": "INR",
        "transactionAmount": "5418.1700",
        "systemReferenceNumber": "RT1343085439",
        "exchangeRate": "54.454000000",
        "beneficiaryName": "Diana Prince",
        "beneficiaryAccountNumber": "xxxxxx3443",
        "beneficiaryBankName": "DBS Bank",
        "billingCurrency": "SGD",
        "billingAmount": "100.0000",
        "beneficiaryEmailId": "[email protected]",
        "beneficiaryContact": "+65-85067680",
        "partnerReferenceNumber": "UATPY102717100",
        "paymentReferenceNumber": null,
        "payoutMethod": "LOCAL",
        "estimatedDeliveryTime": "2023‐08‐24T06:39:51Z",
            "reasonCode": "G000",
            "statusDescription": "Delivered to next bank",
            "forwardBankName": "DONGUANN RURAL",
            "forwardBankCode": "DGCCCN22XXX",
            "timestamp": "2023-08-07 06:48:02",
            "remarks" : "The payment has been forwarded to next participant bank in the swift network. It can be either credited to beneficiary directly or passed to next bank." 
      "tags": [
            "key": "Transaction Reference Number",
            "value": "TR1234"

Request body

clientHashIdThe unique client identifier that's generated and shared before API handshake.UUID
customerHashIdThe unique customer identifier that's generated on customer creation.UUID
walletHashIdThe unique wallet identifier that's generated simultaneously with customer creation.UUID
transactionCurrencyThis field contains the three-letter ISO-4217 transaction currency code.String
transactionAmountThis field contains the destination amount in case of a remittance.String
systemReferenceNumberThis field contains the unique system reference number generated by the card issuance platform for the transaction.String
exchangeRateThis field contains the exchange rate from the source currency to the destination currency, for example, 1 USD is equivalent to 1.392 SGD.String
beneficiaryNameThis field contains the name of the beneficiary.String
beneficiaryAccountNumberThis field contains the bank account number of the beneficiary.String
beneficiaryBankNameThis field contains the bank name of the beneficiary.String
billingCurrencyThis field contains the three-letter ISO-4217 currency code for the wallet balanceString
billingAmountThis field contains the source amount in case of remittance.String
beneficiaryEmailIdThis field contains the email Id of the beneficiary.String
beneficiaryContactThis field contains the contact number of the beneficiary.String
partnerReferenceNumberThis field contains the unique transaction identifier.String
paymentReferenceNumberThis field contains the unique transaction identifier assigned by MoneyGram. This field is applicable only for a cash payout.String
payoutMethodThis field contains the payout method.String
templateThe value for this field is REMIT_TRANSACTION_SENT_TO_BANK_WEBHOOK.String
estimatedDeliveryTimeThis field contains the estimated delivery time in the 2023‐08‐24T06:39:51Z ISO 8601 format.String
gpi.reasonCodeGPI code shared by the SWIFT partner bankString
gpi.statusDescriptionDescription of the GPI reason codeString
gpi.forwardBankNameName of the next participant bank to which the payment has been forwardedString
gpi.forwardBankCodeBank identification code (BIC) of the next participant bank to which the payment has been forwarded.String
gpi.timestampDate and time of the last status changeString
gpi.remarksDetailed description of the reasonCode. This interpretation is provided by Nium.String