API Updates

As part of our effort to enhance the APIs, we provide newer functionalities and updates to the APIs communicated by the support team.

Our typical development cycle is three weeks. We classify our changes into breaking and non-breaking changes. These changes can be classified as follows:

Example of breaking changes:

  • Adding a required field(s)
  • Data type changes for existing elements
  • Response structure or format changes
  • URL structure changes for existing APIs
  • Any mandatory change in the designed flow introduced by new APIs

Example of non-breaking changes:

  • Addition of new APIs
  • Additional of optional fields to request body
  • Adding new fields to the response
  • Adding new values to fields
  • Bug fixes

In case of non-breaking changes, NIUM you can view our Changelog with details of upcoming changes at the end of the second week of the month [Thursday or Friday].

Changes shall be available on Sandbox by the end of the third week [Thursday of the third week]. Once this code is released, NIUM shall do a production release on the tenth day [Saturday] after sandbox release.

In case of breaking changes, NIUM will communicate with you about the changes four weeks in advance from the date of production release.