Unified Add Customer API

Example request

The Unified Add Customer API creates a customer with the manual Know Your Customer (KYC) option where most of the parameters are applicable. For other KYC options, fewer parameters are applicable.

  1. To see an example request, go to the Unified Add Customer API page.

  2. Select an example by clicking anywhere on the word EXAMPLES to open the drop-down list of available examples:

    • Sample for Manual KYC
    • Sample for Screening only
    • Sample for e-KYC
  1. To make a sample request, go to the Getting started page.

Enum values


The estimatedMonthlyFunding enum values are as follows:

MF001< 1000
MF0021000 – 5000
MF0035000 – 10000
MF00410000 – 20000
MF005> 20000


The intendedUseOfAccount enum values are as follows:

IU100Receiving from/Transfers to accounts I own
IU101Receiving from/Transfers to friends or family
IU102Property, goods or services payments
IU103Education-related payment
IU105Receive or send donations
IU106Day-to-day spending
IU107Receiving a salary
IU108Travel related spending