RFI process for individual customers


When the Nium compliance team finds insufficient information, it takes the following actions:

  1. Initiates the RFI and the customer's compliance status becomes RFI REQUESTED.

  2. The client receives a nudge during the compliance status callback URL; that is, the next time they call the Customer Details V2 API, they get the status as RFI REQUESTED.
    NOTE: The Customer Details API is now the Customer Details V2 API.

  3. You need to call the Fetch Individual Customer RFI Details API to fetch the RFI information requested. There can be multiple RFI templates in the response.

  4. You call the Respond To RFI API and provides the requested information.

  5. The compliance status changes to RFI RESPONDED.

  6. The compliance team reviews the information and takes the necessary action.

RFI requested

When an RFI is requested, the process is as follows:

  1. This continues from the Add customer process where status = PENDING and complianceStatus = ACTION_REQUIRED. Nium compliance sends a Request For Information (RFI) and updates the complianceStatus from ACTION_REQUIRED to RFI_REQUESTED.
  2. Nium sends a callback request for the change in thecomplianceStatus with the customerHashId.
  3. Send a response with the HTTPS status code 200.
  4. Send a GET request to the Fetch Individual Customer RFI DetailsAPI.
  5. Nium sends a response with the following:
  • rfiDetails object
  • kycStatus=PENDING
  • complianceStatus=RFI_REQUESTED
  1. Request more information from your customer based on the rfiDetails array of objects.
  2. Send a POST request to the Respond to RFI API with your customer's information.
  3. Nium returns a success confirmation upon receipt with the complianceId and complianceStatus=RFI_RESPONDED.
  4. Nium compliance checks the RFI documents, updates the compliance status to COMPLETED and sends a callback request for the complianceStatus with customerHashId.
  5. Send a response with the HTTPS status code 200.
  6. Collect and send your customer's details in a GET request to the Customer Details V2 API with the customerHashId.
  7. Nium returns:
  • customerDetails
  • complianceStatus=COMPLETED
  • kycStatus=CLEAR