The Nium platform supports advanced spend control features in the form of limits and restrictions. There are multiple types of limits out of which some can be set up at the client level and some can be set up at the card level.

The client-level limits are applicable for all the customers, wallets, and cards created under that client. The client-level limits are divided into two categories: regulatory limits and authorization limits. The regulatory limits are account-specific limits, balance amount and count, etc., while the authorization limits are transaction-specific limits.

The platform provides limit configurations based on the compliance clearance level of customers. If the customer is created, for example, but the Know Your Customer (KYC) process isn't completed, then the customer can make transactions until a certain limit. If the KYC is completed, then the limits would be higher and different.

The restrictions can be set up at the card level only. They specify the types of merchant categories where cards should be allowed.