US onboarding


This page contains details about the United States Know Your Customer (KYC) flows and links to the following sub-pages for quick reference:

Page nameDescription
US required parametersThis page lists the required API fields for onboarding an individual customer.
US required documentsThis page contains tables listing the required documents for verification of an individual customer.
US request examplesThis page contains API request examples for onboarding an individual customer in the US regulatory region.


When using the Unified Add Customer API to add a customer in the United States, customer should undergo E_KYC verification.

In the US, the add customer eKYC process is as follows:

  1. Your new customer signs up for verification.
  2. Send a GET request to the Terms and Conditions API.
  3. Nium returns the Terms and Conditions description.
  4. Display the Terms and Conditions to your customer to agree and accept. You collect all customer information for onboarding.
  5. Send a POST request to the Unified Add Customer API as per US required parameters
  6. Nium sends a CUSTOMER_COMPLIANCE_STATUS webhook with complianceStatus.
  7. Send a response with the HTTPS status code 200.