EU request examples

To onboard your individual customer, you can call the Unified Add Customer API.

For an example call that you can customize with your information, see below.

Request example for onboarding

The following is an API request example call for customer onboarding for the first time.

    "firstName": "Peter",
    "lastName": "Parker",
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "nationality": "FR",
    "complianceLevel": "SCREENING_KYC",
    "countryCode": "FR",
    "mobile": 123456789,
    "dateOfBirth": "1992-12-18",
    "kycMode": "E_DOC_VERIFY",
    "billingAddress1": "Long Street",
    "billingCity": "Paris",
    "billingZipCode": "76140",
    "billingCountry": "FR",
    "verificationConsent": true,
    "intendedUseOfAccount": "Day-to-day spending",
    "estimatedMonthlyFundingCurrency": "EUR",
    "estimatedMonthlyFunding": "1000-5000",
    "internationalPaymentsSupported": true,
    "expectedCountriesToSendReceiveFrom": [