3DS Overview

The Three-Domain Secure (3D Secure) security protocol, created and branded by Visa and Mastercard as Visa Secure and Mastercard SecureCode respectively, further protects online payments by enabling cardholders to authenticate their purchases.

3D Secure authentication

3D Secure adds a layer of security, prior to authorization, to help authenticate online transactions by requiring customers to complete an additional verification with the card issuer. For example, when the merchant initiates 3D Secure at checkout, the cardholder must then enter a one-time passcode received via email or SMS to continue with their purchase.

3D Secure Setup Options Supported by Nium

At Nium, we support following forms of 3DS Authentication Setups:

  1. OTP based authentication
  2. OTP (SMS) + Knowledge Factor authentication (applicable for EEA/UK only)

In the future, Nium will also be able to support Out of Band (OOB) biometric authentication support.

The OTP (SMS) + Knowledge Factor based authentication and OOB biometric authentication options are more relevant for PSD2-SCA in the EEA and UK, which mandates the application of 2 of 3 factors of authentication.

OptionAPI integration required
OTP based authenticationNo
OTP (SMS) + Knowledge Factor authentication (EEA and UK only)Yes. In particular to verify the 'knowledge factor'.