Dec 5, 2023

  • There are no changes for this time period.

  • New feature

    Introduced Card Widget which provides embeddable html that shows Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) data in end user applications. The Nium hosted url for the embeddable html can be retrieved using the new Get card details widget API. This API is secured by JWT token authentication which is encrypted by AES RSA encryption algorithm.

  • New feature

    Introduced a new Account Verification API on Nium's payments network. This feature is also commonly referred as Confirmation Of Payee. Using this feature, customers can ensure the money reaches the intended payee or beneficiary by verifying if the payee details including account number are valid.

    Contact your Nium representative to activate this feature. Refer to the Account Verification (Confirmation Of Payee) user guide for more details.


    • Updated the Remittance lifecycle user guide under the Transfer Money category with simulation account details that will allow you to create transactions in sandbox environment. With these instructions, you will now be able to replicate PAID, SENT TO BANK, and RETURN statuses and their state transitions.

    • Introduced a new user guide on GPI tracking that offers insights into improved tracking for SWIFT wire transactions.


    Local ZAR currency payouts for P2P use cases have been temporarily deactivated due to a technical issue with our payment partner. Nium continues to support payouts for other use cases such as B2P and B2B. We are working closely with our partner to resolve this issue at the earliest.