Inpay (EEA)

Last Updated January 2024

Inpay Overview

Inpay is a local funding provider. Our integration to Inpay lets you use banking networks in specific, supported countries. Transferring from one of these countries makes you eligible to use this service.
Inpay is a premium service. It comes with a cost, but it has a 24-hour SLA, so you are guaranteed that transfers will be applied to your funding account within 24 hours of processing the transfer from your bank.



During onboarding, you will need to provide us with:

• your business registration country
• the countries from where your business is currently operating from and
• the country where your corporate bank account is located and from where funds will be transferred to your Nium account.

Our teams will use this information to guide you on which banking partner to use for an optimal funding experience.

Supported Currencies

Inpay supports local funding in three different currencies:

  1. Local payments from the Czech Republic in CZK
  2. Local payments from any SEPA country in EUR
  3. Local payments from Poland in PLN

Inpay fees

Inpay charges a 0.03% fee on the transferred amount, with a minimum charge of EUR1.00 and a maximum charge of EUR 25.00.

How to make the transfer with Inpay

If you have a bank account in one of the countries that form part of the Inpay banking network (specified above), follow these steps to make a transfer:

  1. Get an lnpay reference from the lxaris Payments web app (instructions below). lnpay uses this reference to identify which funding account to deposit the transfer to and the transfer amount to expect. You will get a unique connection for every transfer you send.
  2. You will also find lnpay’s bank account details with the reference in the Nium Portal.
  3. Use the reference and the bank account details to send a transfer from your bank account to lnpay.
  4. Your transfer should reach your funding account within 24 hours after it is sent.

How to get Inpay reference and banking details

  1. Log in to the lxaris Payments web app and click on Funds from the top menu. Select Linked Bank Accounts to display a list of your bank account details that you have added to your Nium account.
  2. If the bank account you want to transfer money from is not yet linked, start by adding it to this list.
  3. Click on the three dots on the right of the source bank account and select Deposit from a bank account.
  4. Select lnpay as the bank account provider and select Confirm.
  5. The Deposit From field will be populated with your selected bank account. This can be changed if required.
  6. In the Deposit To field, select the funding account to that you want the money added.
  7. Specify the amount you will transfer in the Amount field, and select Confirm.
  8. This will take you to the Deposit Instructions screen, which provides you with all the detail you need to send your transfer to lnpay, including the unique lnpay reference.
  9. Use these details to send a transfer from your bank to Inpay. It is important to remember to include the unique Inpay reference in the Payment Details field when sending your transfer. Missing Inpay reference details can cause delays since lnpay will not be able to match your transfer to a destination funding account automatically.

Currency Holidays for 2024

CZK1-2911, 8-5--28-24, 25, 26
EUR1-2911------25, 26
PLN1--11, 3, 30--15--1, 1125, 26

What if Inpay transfers are delayed?

If your transfer does not reach your funding account within the 24-hour timeframe, please email [email protected], with the proof of payment.

All payments can be subject to screening which, in some instances, may cause a delay to the funds being applied.