Airline Settlement Report

Product version Nium 1.2
Last edited August 2022

Report Overview

One of the major benefits airlines enjoy when subscribing to the Nium Card powered by UATP is receiving any amounts due by online travel agencies (OTAs) much quicker than other payment methods. Using the Nium Card powered by UATP, Airlines will no longer need to use Agent Debit Memos (ADMs), as Nium will affect a bank transfer to your account daily. To help your back-office teams understand what this daily amount is made of, the Nium Card powered by UATP offers the Airline Settlement Report. The report is generated daily and comprises a list of transactions (purchases and refunds) we processed during the previous day.

We want to ensure that payments on the Nium Card powered by UATP are as transparent as possible. The Airline Settlement Report breaks down each transaction into multiple columns, which show important details such as the card number and exact amount you receive, together with the OTA incentive and settlement fee. In addition, we also include the Passenger Name Record (PNR) and Ticket Number. These will allow your back-office teams to easily reconcile each airline ticket with a transaction.

To download the report, please use the SFTP connection provided by our Customer Delivery team during your onboarding. In case of any issues, feel free to contact us at [email protected]

What follows is a reference guide of all the details you will find in the Airline Settlement Report.

Transaction Details

Transaction DateDate and time (in GMT) when Nium successfully processed the transaction.
ClientThe account name of the OTA on the Nium Card powered by the UATP platform
Ticket NumberThe unique number is generated by the airline for every purchase. Any subsequent refunds for sale will have the same ticket number. 13 digits made up of a 3-digit airline code followed by a 10-digit ticket number.
PNRPassenger Name Record provided by the airline.
Card NumberMasked card number with the first six digits representing the card’s issuer identification number. e.g., 194600*3293
Transaction CurrencyThe currency that the airline uses to request funds. Currency is agreed with OTA.
Transaction AmountAmount requested by the airline.
Forex RateThe rate is used to convert the transaction amount to the settlement amount.
ECB RateThe latest European Central Bank (ECB) rate is applicable for the day identified by the field Central Processing Date.
Settlement CurrencyCurrency used by Nium to pay the airline.