Oct 10, 2023

  • Enhancements

    • Corporate customer onboarding enhancements
      • Added a new status field in Client KYB Status webhook to enhance corporate customer onboarding.
        At present, the Client KYB Status webhook only provides access to the complianceStatus parameter, and you proceed with the transaction upon receiving a complianceStatus value of COMPLETED. Although infrequent, certain transactions may not succeed because transactions are only allowed when the status is Clear

        To address this issue and prevent transaction failures, we have now included the status field in the webhook, which is already available in the Customer Details API. We strongly recommend that clients utilize both complianceStatus and status to ensure the successful execution of transactions.

        Note that the complianceStatus being COMPLETED does not signify a terminal state, as there is still a possibility of receiving Requests for Information (RFIs) even after this webhook has been received. In rare instances, RFIs may still be raised even after the status has reached Clear due to post-approval due diligence. However, transactions will not be blocked in such situations.

      • Amendment to attestation for US Clients.
        For US clients, it is necessary to update the applicant declaration or attestation in your onboarding process to incorporate the UBO (Ultimate Beneficial Owner) declaration. Use the following amended attestation:

        “I certify that I am the authorized representative of the customer; all information provided and documents submitted are complete and correct. I confirm that I have provided all the UBOs present. I have read and accepted the Nium Terms and Conditions.“

    • Individual customer onboarding enhancements
      • Enhancement in Unified Add Customer API by adding a new optional field isTncAccepted to support both onboarding and the terms and conditions (T&C) acceptance in a single API call.

        isTncAccepted is a boolean field and the default value is false. With this change, customer's initial consent to the T&Cs can be recorded during the onboarding flow.

      • Introduced shortened enum values for intendedUseOfAccount and estimatedMonthlyFunding fields in Unified Add Customer API. The shortened values and their corresponding descriptions are available in the enum values description guide. This enhancement will make the API easier to use and reduce the chance of getting validation errors.

      • Regenerate KYC URL API now supports individual customers in addition to corporate customers.
  • There are no changes for this time period.

  • Enhancements

    • Extended Get Card Widget API to support UnionPay.
      This improvement expands the Nium card widget's support to include UnionPay China cards alongside the currently supported Visa Cards. This update will facilitate payments to UnionPay cardholders in China for those who do not meet Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) compliance requirements.

      If you are not compliant with PCI DSS, you need to integrate with Get Card Widget API to get the recipient’s encrypted card token number. You then pass the token number in the field encryptedBeneficiaryCardToken when you add a beneficiary to make a payout to a card.

      Steps to make payouts to UnionPay Cards will remain same as existing Visa card payouts.

    • GPI Details for SWIFT Wires SWIFT GPI (Gpi stands Global Payments Innovation) was developed in 2017 to improve the experience of making a payment via the SWIFT network.

      With this enhancement, we are utilizing the information received from our SWIFT partner banks to offer end-to-end visibility into the status of a transaction, starting from the moment it's initiated to the moment it's deposited to the beneficiary account. In essence, we're enabling the tracking of SWIFT wire transactions.

      The GPI details can be obtained using the Fetch Remittance Life Cycle Status API which now includes a new object gpi with four parameters in the API response:

      • reasonCode: GPI code shared by the SWIFT partner bank
      • statusDescription: Description of the GPI reason code
      • timestamp: Date and time of the last status change
      • forwardBankName: Name of the next participant bank to which the payment has been forwarded

      Remit Transaction Sent to Bank Webhook will have the following enhancements:

      • The gpi object with the above described four parameters will also be available in the webhook response.
      • We will send a new event notification whenever there is a change in reasonCode or forwardBankName.