Nov 7, 2023

  • There are no changes for this time period.

  • Enhancement

    Introduced a new field called referenceCode in the Cards 3DS OTP Webhook.

    referenceCode is a unique value generated with each new OTP value. In the instance where the consumer can receive multiple OTPs for the same transaction, this can be leveraged to show the consumer which OTP is expected to be entered. This value should be sent in the SMS or Email along with the OTP and then displayed on the consumer screen.

  • Enhancement

    We have added two new parameters in the gpi object to enhance the gpi details shared with you in Fetch Remittance Life Cycle Status API and Remit Transaction Sent to Bank webhook.

    • forwardBankCode: Bank identification code (BIC) of the next participant bank to which the payment has been forwarded.
    • remarks: Detailed description of the reasonCode. This interpretation is provided by Nium.