Feb 6, 2024

  • New features

    • We have introduced a new feature to Nium Portal called Batch Payouts. With batch payouts, you can now effortlessly process multiple transactions in one go while ensuring all your payouts are handled seamlessly. Learn more about batch payouts from our blog.

      For details on how to create batch payouts, see Batch Payouts.

    • We've released a Postman collection for all Nium APIs. Use the collection to build your integration.

      For more information, see Postman collection

  • New feature

    We've released several new APIs related to Card Security and 3DS authentication.

    These new APIs enable you to send and receive data in more secure manner (e.g RSA encrypted). For more information, see the following from our API reference:


    We've made some improvments and fixes to our Google Pay Push Provisioning SDK to support EU and UK address verification.

    For details on our Google Pay Push Provisioning SDK, see Google Pay Push Provisioning.

  • There are no changes for this time period.