Aug 15, 2023

  • Enhancements

    • EU Corporate Customer Onboarding allows an application to be submitted without the collection of the REGISTER_OF_DIRECTORS and REGISTER_OF_SHAREHOLDERS documents for Public and Private companies when not required.

      • Starting August 14, businessDetails.additionalInfo.businessExtractCoveredStakeholder is no longer validated, allowing an application to be submitted without these two documents.
      • There are no longer any notes related to these documents in the remarks field in the response object of the Onboard Corporate Customer API.
      • An RFI will be raised if either of these documents is required. Typically, when the BUSINESS_REGISTRATION_DOC does not contain the details of directors and shareholders based on customer input.
      • See here for the complete list of required business documents for EU corporate customers.

    • EU, SG, and UK Individual Customer Onboarding has three additional parameters in the KYC redirect URL to help you better understand the status of a customer’s verification: errorCode, errorMessage, and isSuccess.

      • This is applicable for the eDocument verification flow in EU, UK, and SG and applicable for the eKYC flow in SG.
      • The isSuccess field is returned as true or false depending on the customer’s completion status of the verification flow with the vendor.
      • The errorCode and errorMessage fields are populated whenever isSuccess is false.

    • All new US corporate customers registered in Delaware and New Jersey require a CERTIFICATE_OF_GOOD_STANDING document. If not provided, this document appears in the remarks field in the response of the Onboard Corporate Customer API as shown below and the application stays in the IN_PROGRESS status until the document is provided.
          "clientId": "NIM1691559286485",
          "caseId": "e4f6f7be-8e75-4cbc-9db4-5032a8b0da9c",
          "status": "IN_PROGRESS",
          "remarks": "BUSINESS -> Certificate of Good Standing is expected for business entity Soylent Corporation6s3323, Please upload expected document.|KYC : SCREENING COMPLETED, ALIAS_KYC : SCREENING COMPLETED|VERIFIED",
          "customerHashId": "d08c856a-9dcf-46bb-be24-125d352459ba",
          "walletHashId": "337ffc84-dc5d-48fb-8471-2bd7cac3fd94",
          "redirectUrl": "",
          "errors": []


      Items available for testing in the sandbox environment:

      • The enums list added CERTIFICATE_OF_GOOD_STANDING, and the remarks field is available for missing documents for both eKYB and Manual KYB clients.
      • By August 22, Manual KYB clients can use the remarks field for CERTIFICATE_OF_GOOD_STANDING documents.

  • There are no changes for this time period.

  • There are no changes for this time period.