Sep 26, 2023

  • There are no changes for this time period.

  • There are no changes for this time period.

  • New feature

    Introduced the new Fetch Aggregated Exchange Rates endpoint that allows you to track and monitor historic market trends for any currency pair.

    After you specify the required sourceCurrencyCode and destinationCurrencyCode fields, this API returns the aggregated daily FX data for the past ninety days.

    You can also specify the following optional fields:

    • start and end dates that need to be within the the last ninety days.
    • window to specify whether the results should be grouped by hour or day.

    For both the hourly and daily window views, the following are displayed for the specified currency pair during the selected time window:

    • min - The minimum FX rate captured.
    • max - The maximum FX rate captured.
    • average - The average FX rate calculated.
    • time - The starting timestamp of the FX rate aggregation.

    For additional information, refer to the FX overview guide.