Sep 12, 2023

  • New feature

    Added a new RFI template called otherData for corporate onboarding.

    Currently the RFIs requiring additional data are limited to businessName, transactionCountries, and intendedUseOfAccount. Prior to this change, when additional information was required, an RFI was raised using an email or with the otherDocument RFI template. Since the otherData RFI handles non-document requests, any type of information can now be collected without the need to add any new RFI templates in the future.

    The otherData RFI is available in preprod for testing now and will be available in production starting October 10, 2023.

    The request body for Respond to RFI API accepts businessInfo.additionalInfo.otherData object as an item in the rfiResponseRequest array object.

    Examples for usage of otherData:

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