Nov 21, 2023

  • There are no changes for this time period.

  • There are no changes for this time period.

  • New features

    • Introduced a new Proof of Payment (POP) API to generate proof for the transactions that are in PAID status. You can use this API to download the proof of payment.

      • Proof of payment is a pdf generated by Nium to provide the necessary details of the transaction such as sender details, beneficiary details, transaction date & time, paid amount, fees, and FX rate.
      • You can provide POP documents to your customers or suppliers for enhancing transparency. Your customers typically use this document, also known as transaction receipt, for reconciliatiion, and for tax verification purpose.

    • Introduced collections capability in Japan. To support this capability, a new data object, InvoiceDetails, is added to the request body of the Fund Wallet API.

      You will now be able to receive funds locally from individuals and businesses in JPY currency in real time and hold the funds in the customer wallets in JPY currency. You can also issue JPY virtual accounts to your customer wallets using the Assign Payment ID API. Contact your Nium representative to learn more about this feature.

    • Introduced the Direct Debit capability for your corporate customers in Australia (AU). AU based businesses can now fund from their AU bank account into their Nium-issued wallets using Direct Debit. For this feature, the transactionType is shown as WALLET_CREDIT_MODE_DIRECT_DEBIT in the response body of Wallet Transactions API. Contact your Nium representative to activate this capability.

      Refer to the Direct Debit AU user guide for more details on this feature.