May 28, 2024

  • There are no changes for this time period.

  • Enhancements

    • Fetch Card Details V2: Fetching details using the Card Details V2 endpoint now returns the demographics object. The demographics object only gets returned if the card is assigned to an employee but issued within a corporate customer's wallet. For more information, see Card Details V2.

      Detials that get returned in the demographics object includes:

      • firstName
      • middleName
      • lastName
      • nameOnCard
      • email
      • mobile

  • New Features

    • Direct Debit is now available for Singaporean (SG) customers. Direct Debit enables SG-based businesses to fund their Nium wallets using their Singaporean SG) bank account in real time.

      • The transaction type for Direct Debit transactions is WALLET_CREDIT_MODE_DIRECT_DEBIT.
      • Reach out to your Nium account manager for details on how to activate Direct Debit.
      • For more information, see Direct Debit SG.


    • Maximum limit for INR Proxy (UPI) transactions has been increased to INR 200,000 from INR 100,000. For more information, see the Nium - India Playbook.