Mar 5, 2024

  • New Features

    • Clients can now manually execute FX conversions. With this change, you're given greater control and flexibility over how funds get converted in customer wallets and the associated settlement timeframes.

      • Pass the new ExecutionType field when making requests to the /Quote API to indicate a manual scheduled FX conversion. This field defaults to at_conversion_time if nothing is passed.
      • Manual scheduled FX conversions must be executed using the /Execute endpoint (within the ExpiryTime to transfer funds from the source currency to the destination currency within the wallet.
        • New fields:
          • ExecutionType: Set to at_conversion_time for timed conversions and manual for manual FX conversions.
          • ExpiryTime: This is a timestamp that indicates when the FX conversion expires. Manual conversions must be executed before this time.
      • We've also updated the following APIs:


  • There are no changes for this time period.

  • Enhancements

    • We've released a new version of our Fetch Supported Corridors API. This new version provides greater details about the corridor being used. Changes include:

      • Adding a mandatoryDataRequirements and supportingDocuments field.
      • Adding specifics around the transaction's limitations and turnaround time.
      For more information, see Fetch Supported Corridors V3.

    • We've added the following query parameters to the Beneficiary List V2 endpoint.

      • beneficiaryName
      • beneficiaryAccountNumber
      • destinationCurrency
      • payoutMethod

    Deprecation Notices