Jun 6, 2023

  • Enhancement

    The responses for the Confirm Funding Instrument API, the Get Funding Instrument List API, and the Get Funding Instrument Details API responses are enhanced to include the new bankName field in the funding instrument linked for direct debit.

    API breaking change

    This is a reminder notice about the breaking changes to beneficiary APIs that are enhanced with two new fields, beneficiaryContactName and beneficiaryEntityType. The fields are required to make a local payout to a business in South Africa with the South African rand (ZAR) currency. Details on the changes are available in an earlier communication in the May 9, 2023 changelog.
    The changes will become effective on June 15, 2023.

  • New feature

    Card Activation V2 API is a new operation that features the concept of an activation code to help cardholders activate their cards using it. The activation code is provided in the card kit cardholders receive with the physical copy of the card.

    • The platform generates an activation code for all PHY-type cards using the Add Card V2 API only. This feature is not available if the Add Card V1 API is used when creating cards. The activation code is sent in the embossing file to the personalization vendor and printed on the letter accompanying the card.

    • The API structure mirrors the structure of all other Card V2 APIs with logical tags. The API includes the activation code as a required field to activate the physical card. This prevents cards from being activated immediately upon creation.

    Deprecation notice

    Activate Card V1 API is deprecated and becomes unsupported on December 31, 2023.
    Activate Card V2 is the latest version of this API.

  • Enhancement

    Search and filter transactions in the Transaction Report of the client portal, with additional filter options using a card hash ID, transaction status, or settlement status. The transaction status and settlement status now support searching with multiple values.