July 19, 2023

  • New features

    • Introduced a new Transaction Prescreening capability for scheduled transactions. This functionality enables payroll clients to send transactions to Nium for compliance or risk-related checks before the scheduled date of the transactions. It’s recommended to initiate a scheduled payout five to seven days in advance if the client wants to prescreen the transaction. A new preScreening boolean field, with a value as true/false, is introduced in the payout object of the Transfer Money API. New transaction types are introduced for prescreening transactions Remittance_Debit_External_Prescreening and Remittance_Debit_Prescreening (self-payment).

    • Note: The reverted FX conversion feature is improved by changing the URL names of the Conversion APIs listed below to clearly distinguish between a conversion within a customer’s wallet and a transfer from one customer’s wallet to another customer’s wallet.

      Introduced the capability to perform FX conversions within a customer’s wallet using locked FX rates as well as scheduled settlement. This service helps you convert your funds from any of the supported Nium payin currencies into any of the Nium payout currencies at transparent and guaranteed FX rates. The converted amount can then be used to send payouts or spend through a card.

      • You can choose from a range of lock periods (up to 24 hours) for the FX quote so that you have time to confirm the rate with your customers or internal users and initiate the FX conversion.
      • You can also choose from a range of conversion schedules (up to two business days) so that you get the necessary time to fund with the source amount required for the FX conversion.

      Refer to the FX Overview guide for more information on this capability.
      The following new APIs are introduced to support this capability:

      • Create Quote API: Creates an FX quote for a pair of currencies based on a lock period and conversion schedule.
      • Fetch Quote by ID API: Fetches the details of an FX quote using the quoteId.
      • Create Conversion API: Converts funds within a customer's wallet from a source currency to a destination currency at either a market FX rate or a locked FX rate obtained using the Create Quote API.
      • Fetch Conversion by Id API: Fetches the details of an FX conversion using the conversionId.
      • Cancel Conversion API: Cancels an FX conversion that’s yet to be settled.


    • Direct Debit

      1. Introduced an option for faster settlement time for Direct Debit ACH in the US. Reach out to your Nium sales representative for more information.

      2. Introduced additional webhooks when there’s a change in the status of your funding instrument:

      • DIRECT_DEBIT_FUNDING_INSTRUMENT_APPROVED — when the status of your fundingInstrument changes from Pending to Approved. After this, you can call the Fund Wallet API to initiate a debit from your bank account.
      • DIRECT_DEBIT_FUNDING_INSTRUMENT_FAILED — when the status of your fundingInstrument changes from Pending to Failed. After this, you can call the Get Funding Instrument Details API to know the reason for the failure and act accordingly.
      • DIRECT_DEBIT_FUNDING_INSTRUMENT_CANCELLED — when the status of your fundingInstrument status changes from Approved to Cancelled. You receive this as an acknowledgement that the customer has cancelled the mandate via their bank.

    • Enhanced the ability for a client to embed the card widget within the client’s domain. A new clientDomain field is introduced in the request body of the Get Card Widget API. This field contains the domain name where the widget needs to be embedded.

  • New feature

    We have introduced a new Unblock PIN API that allows you to unblock a card’s personal identification number (PIN) when an invalid PIN number is entered more than four times. You can query the PIN status using the Fetch PIN Status API. This API is applicable for Physical cards only and available for clients in the APAC region.