Jan 23, 2024

  • New feature

    We have introduced a new Webhook event type called CUSTOMER_COMPLIANCE_STATUS applicable for individual customers. This event is triggered when there is a change to the individual customer's compliance status. For more information, see the Customer compliance status event in our API reference.

    Prior to this change you had to configure a separate URL to receive the customer compliance status from Nium. The new event update will improve the developer experience by simplifying the number of integration steps. You can now use the same URL configured to receive all Webhook events and subscribe to the new event.

    You can also subscribe to the event type CARD_CLIENT_KYB_STATUS_WEBHOOK to receive the compliance status of corporate customers. The Callback to receive customer compliance status will continue to be supported.


    We have introduced two new fields - ClientMarkupRate and MarkupRate - to help you apply FX markup rates to your customers.

    • The ClientMarkupRate is the markup rate you negotiated with Nium.
    • The MarkupRate field details the FX markup fees configured for your customer.
    • If there are no fees configured for your customer, the MarkupRate will default to the ClientMarkupRate.

    Both fields can be found in the response body of the following APIs:

    Having these fields readily available offers a convenient way to charge FX markup fees to your customers and helps you further monetize your FX services for revenue generation.

  • There are no changes for this time period.

  • Other Changes

    Enabled local Nigerian Naira (NGN) payouts to Nigeria for person-to-person (P2P) and business-to-person (B2P) use cases.