Aug 1, 2023

  • New features

    • You can now use a new method to link a bank account for Debit ACH US through a micro-deposit. This option is especially beneficial in cases where instant verification is not supported. Your customer now has the flexibility to choose between two verification options: instant or micro-deposit. To support the micro-deposit option, you need to implement the Confirm Funding Instrument API. Once the micro-deposit is successfully delivered, a new webhook, DIRECT_DEBIT_MICRODEPOSIT_SUCCESSFUL is sent by Nium to notify you of the successful transaction. These enhancements aim to provide you and your customers with broader coverage and improved options for bank account verification.

    • Philippine peso(PHP) currency support is now enabled for collections and funding. You now have the option to call the Assign Payment ID API with the parameter bankName set as NETBANK_PH_PHP and the currencyCode set as PHP. This configuration allows your customers to generate a PHP virtual account, facilitating expanded payment processing and management.

  • New feature

    Introduced a new feature, Wallet to Wallet Transfers that enables fund transfers between Nium customers' wallets using the new Wallet to Wallet Transfer API. With this functionality, customers can easily transfer funds to another Nium onboarded customer. The sender and receiver of the funds can belong to the same client setup or different client setups onboarded with Nium, depending on their geographic presence.

    • This enhancement benefits global clients with multiple client setups on the platform. It allows customers across these client setups to conduct wallet-to-wallet transfers seamlessly, enhancing the overall user experience and facilitating smoother financial transactions.
    • Transferring funds between customers of the same client setup does not require any configuration changes within the client setup. However, for funds transfer between customers of different client setups, you need to contact your Nium representative. They can help you enable this feature, allowing your customers to utilize it seamlessly.


    Added a new enum value called "Travel related spending" in the parameter intendedUseOfAccount within the Unified Add Customer API. The new value will support individual customers' travel-related use cases. This addition better supports and accommodates various financial transactions related to travel expenses for our customers.

    Deprecation notices

    • In the Client Details API, the multiCurrencySupported field is being removed from the API's response object as it is an unused field and is set to false by default. This field was giving misleading information that the client does not have support for multiple currencies. Clients will see the currencies enabled for their setup in the currencies field of the response.
    • In the Unified Add Customer, Customer Details V2, and Customer List V3 APIs, the preferredName field has been changed from required to optional, meaning it is no longer required for customer onboarding purposes. You now have the flexibility to provide this information if needed, but it is not required when using the API for customer registration.
    • The P2P Transfer API is deprecated and becomes unsupported on January 31, 2023.