April 16, 2024

  • Enhancements

    • Our eKYC Onboarding APIs are now available for individual customers in Canada. For more details, see CA onboarding.

    • Our OpenAPI spec is now available on GitHub. You can download and review our OpenAPI spec to help you build your integration with Nium. For more details, see our Nium OpenAPI repo.

    • We've added ▶ Run in Postman buttons to several guides. These buttons give you quick access to our Postman collection and enable you to see how requests run in real-time. For an example, see Individual Customer Onboarding.

  • There are no changes for this time period.

  • Enhancement

    • We've added additional fields to the remitter object used in the Transfer Money request to provide more details about the payout sender. Fields added include:

      • idExpiryDate
      • idIssueDate
      • originatingFICity
      • originatingFICountry

      For more details, see Transfer Money.