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Last edited February 2023

Supported currencies

We use Barclays Bank for DKK* and THB transfers.



Barclays DKK bank transfers should only be used by Danish based clients wanting to send DKK currency transfers.

How much does Barclays cost?

We do not charge a fee for funding with Barclays. Your bank will likely charge for an outbound wire transfer, and Barclays may apply some bank charges if you do not select “Charges to be borne by sender” when you send your transfer. Your money will be credited to Nium net of any charges.

How long does it take?

Your transfer may take 3 to 5 business days to reach our bank account. These timings are for online guidance; they depend on banking system factors (including compliance checks) outside our control.

How to send transfers with Barclays

To send transfers with Barclays, please follow these instructions:

  1. Initiate a wire transfer. Make sure you select the correct bank account details, which depend on the currency of the money to be transferred (see below). It is essential to send funds to the bank account of the currency you want deposited in. When processing the payment from your bank portal, we suggest you include the funding account reference or funding account name in the ‘Payment Details’ field; this identifies the funding account to which you want to send the transfer. You can find your funding account references in the Nium web app (instructions below).
  2. Immediately notify us that funds have been transferred by emailing [email protected] . It’s mandatory to include the following information:
  • Email content:
    • Transfer currency and the amount
    • Destination funding account name (you can retrieve this from the lxaris Payments web app)
    • Destination lxaris bank account name and number that the transfer has been sent to (from bank details below)

Please ensure that you provide accurate, complete information. Failure to do so may result in delays.

Where to find your funding account name and reference

• Log in to the lxaris Payments web app and select Funds from the top menu. Select Funding Accounts to display a list of all your funding accounts.
• Find the account to which you would like to deposit money and copy the Account Reference shown in the first column. When you create a wire transfer, this must be specified in the transaction description.
• Copy the Account Name shown in the second column (next to the Account Reference). After completing your wire transfer, this must be specified in the email sent to lxaris.

Bank account details for Barclays

For DKK transfers

Bank nameBarclays Bank plc
Account nameIxaris Solutions Ltd
Account number68286500
**Sort Code**20-39-09
Reference (to be specified in the transaction description)To be retrieved from Nium Portal (instructions overleaf)

For THB transfers

Bank nameBarclays Bank plc
Account nameIxaris Solutions Ltd
Account number56168499
Sort Code20-39-09
Reference (to be specified in the transaction description)To be retrieved from Nium Portal (instructions overleaf)

How transfers are added to your funding account

Once Barclays receives your transfer, we will add it to the funding account identified by the reference you included.
We monitor transfers and add money to funding accounts at the following times:
• 09:00 CET
• 13:00 CET
• 17:00 CET
The latest time transfers must be received to be added to the same is 17:00 CET. Once your money is added to your funding account, you will receive an email confirmation.
Transfers are only added to your funding account once they have been received at Barclays. Proof of payment is not accepted to add money to your funding account.
We do not process Barclay's transfers on weekends or public holidays, so please ensure that sufficient money will arrive at Barclays by Fridays at 17:00 CET to cover your weekend payment requirements.



During Maltese public holidays (2022 dates below), we will update funding accounts on the next working day.

Malta Public Holidays

11019, 311517, 29-158, 21--8, 13, 25

Currency Holidays for 2023

THB2-66, 13, 14, 151, 45281, 14-12, 24-5, 11
DKK1--6, 7, 105,18, 19,295-----24, 25, 26

What if Barclay's transfers are delayed?

If your transfers do not reach your account within the expected timeframes, please email [email protected], with the proof of payment. Requesting an MT103 form from your bank will speed up our investigation process. An MT103 looks like this:

Figure 3