Event Types

NIUM facilitates notifications through webhooks. This is a single callback URL as furnished by the client in the specified format. NIUM will send different payloads depending on the scenarios further described below.

The trigger event can be understood on the basis of the template field in the payload body.

The expected URL format to be provided by clients is as follows:

POST https://<customerHost:Port>/webhook

Additionally, a client may request for a static x-partner-key to be configured in the header which Nium will send with every webhook.

Following is the complete set of possible keys in the request body. The client will receive the request as described in individual scenarios.

Request Body

nameName of a client.String
brandNameThe brand name field is for the client's company name.String
customerHashIdUnique customer identifier generated on customer creation.UUID
walletHashIdUnique wallet identifier generated simultaneously with customer creation.UUID
cardHashIdUnique card identifier generated while new/add-on card issuance.UUID
cardNumber16-digit masked card number in format 1234-56xx-xxxx-3456.String
templateThe trigger details for the particular webhook is sent in a template field. This field can be used to understand which trigger is being received and respective fields.String
transactionCurrency3-letter ISO-4217 transaction currency code.String
transactionAmountThe transaction amount.String
transactionDateThe transaction date and time in yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss (UTC) format.String
balanceCurrency3-letter ISO-4217 currency code for the wallet balance.String
walletBalanceThe available balance in the wallet.String
merchantNameThe merchant name.String
walletProviderThe provisioning is possible for GooglePay and ApplePay. This can take two values accordingly: applePay or googlePayString


The following scenarios will be used to trigger the webhook: