Client settlement

This report contains the end-of-day settlement data as received between Nium and the scheme. As a client administrator, you can sign in to the Nium back-office and view or download the settlement report based on the selected date range.

You can also get a once-a-day static settlement report by downloading a copy or having it delivered to you over Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP).

The file naming convention is Client_Settlement_Report_{clientHashId}_YYYYMMDD.csv

Batch DateThe date of the settlement batch, formatted YYYYMMDD.
Posting DateThe date of the settlement batch posted to Nium, formatted YYYYMMDD.
File NameThe name of the scheme settlement file, formatted FV_MONTX_YYYYMMDDHHmmss.TXT.pgp.txt and is a PGP-encrypted file.
StatusThe settlement status. The valid values are SUCCESS, PENDING, or FAILED.
Client Hash IDThe universally unique identifier for the client [36 character UUID].
Customer Hash IDThe universally unique identifier for the customer [36 character UUID].
Card Hash IDThe universally unique identifier for the card [36 character UUID].
Mask Card NumberThe masked card number in the format 1234-56xx-xxxx-9876.
Authorization CodeThe authorization code [6 digit] of the transaction.
Transaction Type1 letter code: C for Credit or D for Debit.
Account NumberThe 19-digit card account number.
Transaction CurrencyThe 3-letter ISO currency code for the transaction currency.
Transaction AmountThe transaction amount.
Billing CurrencyThe 3-letter ISO currency code for the billing currency.
Billing AmountThe billing amount of the transaction.
RegionThe 2-letter ISO country code depicting the region.
Interchange Fee SignThis field can be positive + or negative -.
Interchange FeeThe interchange fee on the transaction.
Issuer MarkupThe issuer markup.
Exchange Rate SignEmpty.
Exchange RateThis field contains 0.000000000.
Transaction Code SignEmpty.
Transaction CodeThe 5-digit code to reference debit and credit transactions.
Merchant IDThe 15-digit merchant identifier.
Merchant Category CodeThe 4-digit merchant category code.
Merchant Name LocationThe merchant name and location.
Merchant Country CodeThe 2-letter ISO country code of the merchant.
Ref NumberThe 23-character reference number.
Visa Transaction IDThe 15-digit Visa transaction ID.
Interchange ReferenceThe 23-digit interchange reference number.
Original Payment Amount SignEmpty.
Original Payment AmountThis field is usually 0.
Original Transaction CodeThis field is usually 0.
Rolled Amount SignEmpty.
Rolled AmountEmpty.
POS Entry ModeThe 2-digit code that identifies the actual method used at the point of service to enter the cardholder account number and the card expiration date.
Point of ServiceEmpty.
ECOM TransactionThe e-commerce transaction code.
Matched Authorization1 letter (Y or N) if the settlement is matched with an original transaction
Multi Clearing1 letter (F or blank) if a transaction is settled completely.
Recurring TransactionThe recurring transaction identification. It's usually 0.
Recurring MCCThe recurring Merchant Category Code (MCC). It's usually 0.
Card Block CodeEmpty.
Record Type1-letter record type. It's usually M.
Payment IndicatorEmpty.
Fraud Matched FlagEmpty.
Digital Card Indicator1-digit (0 or 1) if a digital card is being used.
Sms Dms IndicatorEmpty.
Wsp IDThe wallet service provider ID.
WspThe wallet service provider.
Token Requester IDThe token requestor ID.
Token NumberThe token number.
CommentsThe system generated comments.
Created ByThis field is always SYSTEM.
Created DateThe creation timestamp, formatted DD/MM/YYYY HH:mm:ss AM/PM.
Modified ByThis field is always SYSTEM.
Modified DateThe modification timestamp, formatted DD/MM/YYYY HH:mm:ss AM/PM.